Cumberland MF3800 Pellet Stove-Electric Ignition
-Up to 45,000 BTU
-Heats up to 2,200 Square Feet
-Easy-open ash pan
-36 hours burn time per load
-Safety vacuum switch
-Air filter prevents dust circulation, extends stove life and fan effectiveness
-Multiple fuel types

The new , true biofuel stove from Cumberland Stove Works is versatile, efficient, easy to clean, and stylish.
The versatility in this stove really shines with it’s ability to use wood pellets, corn, or cherry pits- all without having to change fire pots.  There is also no agitator to get gummed up with burn residue.  The new high-tech controller looks so simple, but provides 24 different burn settings for even more flexibility. It also produces less ash content then most others in its price range, making cleaning that much easier.  The new heat exchanger is proven best in class and keeps your heat in your home, not out the stack.  Four different accent colors are available.